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Aquariums for sale 

experience knowledgeable, high quality customer service. 

we stock a range of TMC and D-D aquariums and would be delighted to help you choose your first or next aquarium. Weather your a complete beginner or advanced aquarist we can help you build your dream aquarium. 

tmc reef habitat lime.jpeg

Visit our TMC aquarium department 

TMC is a well known UK brand providing a nice range of small to mid sized aquariums.

Visit our D-D aquarium department

D-D aquariums combine excellent quality with a huge range of options, from metal framed large aquariums to smaller cube designs in a wide range of cabinet colours. 

Experience high level customer service. 

A new aquarium is a high level product and the sales experience should be no different. At Sussex corals we aim to make the experience what it should be, fun and exciting. Sit down with a team member, have a coffee and a chat at our new customer sales area where we can show you all the latest aquariums and products on the display screen and answer any questions, provide prices and help you find your perfect aquarium.

The support doesn't just stop at the till, once you buy any aquarium from Sussex corals you are automatically entitled to our reef support program, bring in a water samples once a week for up to four weeks and we will test the water and go through all the details with you to make cycling your aquarium easy.  

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