Sussex corals late night shopping event: Saturday the 4th of December 3pm-8pm.

Christmas is back and better than ever this year, we have a special event on the 4th of December. We will be holding a late night shopping event from 3pm-8pm. There will be a range of exclusive one off deals on things like aquarium set-ups, livestock and more. You will be able to take your time, relax and browse our range of coral, invertebrates and marine fish. We are making sure the shops well stocked for the event and currently have a full range of TMC aquariums and will be stocking up on some stunning corals. 

please note that our hours will change to a one off schedule of 3pm-8pm to accommodate the event.

we are also as always requiring face coverings for this event to help everyone have a safe and enjoyable experience.   

for more information please feel free to contact the store.