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shipping info 

If purchasing corals/inverts please only use UPS live coral option or local delivery if you qualify for it. any orders placed for corals using our UPS dry goods will be void. 

why is shipping corals £20? we only use UPS next day delivery. the £20 delivery fee also accounts for poly boxes, heat packs, containers for the corals and packing. we would rather charge more and get the live stock there in good health than charge less and it arrive cold or dead. 

if purchasing dry goods please select ups dry goods option. 

if you wish to purchase dry goods and live corals or inverts please choose ups live coral option and we will combine the items in appropriate boxes/packaging for the same shipping price as live corals. 

we package all corals in poly boxes with heat packs where appropriate and also use plastic containers where possible to prevent breakages. Your corals will be packed to a very high standard and sent on next day delivery. 

If something is out of stock we will contact you as soon as possible and either recommend an alternative or issue a refund for the item/items. 

If livestock or dry goods arrive broken or damaged please report all damages within 24 hours of receiving it. 

all dry goods are usually dispatched within one working day. 

we do not ship outside of the UK 

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