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Specialist species

Sussex corals has a long history of expertise in keeping specialist animals. These creatures are often more delicate feeders, require more frequent feeding or special requirements. We have a dedicated seahorse system, two systems for delicate or slow eaters such as mandarins and dragonets and pipefish.   

Hippocampus Erectus
tank bred

£200 a pair SOLD we will be stocking more when they are available again. Please check the website for regular updates. 

This is a large species of tropical seahorse and requires a aquarium of about 150 litres. 

These come from tropical regions and need to be kept at about 75-78 degrees. (they should not exceed 80) 

They need regular feeding at least three times a day. 

They like to be with other seahorses and we do not recommend keeping one on its own.

All seahorses at Sussex corals feed on frozen vitamin enriched Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp and copepods. we also feed them live brine to add to their enrichment. 

They do not do well in busy reef tanks and should be kept in a species only aquarium with the possible addition of a mandarin or other very passive fish. Small inverts such as clean up crew can be added as long as they can not harm the sea horse. 

corals are typically not added although some non-stinging soft corals are ok. do not add LPS, anemones or other stinging organisms in with the seahorses.  

sea horses are a fascinating and very rewarding pet when kept properly but they do require a fair amount of care and need someone to feed them regularly so they do not suit all lifestyles. we will not sell them to anyone adding them to a unsuitable aquarium or just buying one as a novelty.

All our sea horses are kept in a specialist aquarium and are not treated as another fish in our systems they have a low flow, well oxygenated aquarium with plenty of hitching posts to hold onto. 


If you would like to know more about keeping seahorses please contact the store we are always happy to help anyone looking to set up a seahorse aquarium.  

Moorish idol 

A specialist species of fish best suited to a large fish only live rock system. Minimum tank size for long term care is 500litres. 

These fish need regular feeding on nori and seaweed and are relatives to tang species. Will nip at and eat coral polyps and some invertebrates but is usually fairly docile towards other fish. Recommended for the more advanced aquarist with experience in keeping tangs and other larger marine fish.  

£120 SOLD 

please note we do not ship any fish all livestock is collection only. 

moorish idol .png

snake pipefish

Snake pipefish or dragonnface pipefish as they are sometimes called need lots of live rock and a well established marine tank. They feed on live and frozen copepods, brine shrimp and mysis shrimp. 

They prefer to be kept in groups of three of more and are peaceful reef inhabitants. 

These pipefish do well in reef systems but care must be taken with power heads, very aggressive corals or anemones and any other place they can get stuck in or damaged. 

They should be fed at least three times a day. 

£33 each or 3 for £90 

dragon pipefish.png

We stock marine live food.

Sussex corals stocks a steady supply of fresh live Copepods and vitamin enriched brine shrimp. Perfect for delicate feeders such as seahorses and pipe fish as well as most other marine fish. Our live foods are delivered every Wednesday so Friday and Saturdays are the best days for getting the freshest food.  

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