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About Sussex corals: 

Sussex corals specialises in all things reef keeping and marine aquatics. We specialise in the reef side of things and have a large livestock area with two large coral tables, three frag systems and a wide range of reef fish and inverts available. Our corals are always kept to a high standard and you will find corals not often seen in allot of the larger chain stores as we source our corals from a variety of local growers and large wholesalers. We stock soft, LPS and SPS corals with a large majority of them being UK tank grown. All our systems are run independently meaning there is less chance of any potential problems spreading between systems and all marine fish are quarantined and fed on high quality feeds and multivitamins to ensure you only receive healthy stock. Our dry goods area has a wide range of equipment, aquariums, supplements, live and frozen food. We only stock high quality brands such as D-D, TMC, Red sea, Nyos, Echotech and much more. You will always find a welcoming and helpful atmosphere at Sussex corals with customer service at the heart of our business. We are a fully independent, family run business with a huge amount of pride and passion for creating a professional marine aquatics store. You will find a clean, well stocked and helpful retail shop. Please note that we do not stock any freshwater fish or live plants we only stock marine livestock and mainly marine dry goods. 

Our services include: 

RO water (regularly tested and maintained) 

Saltwater (made using high quality TMC reef salt) 

frozen marine foods

live marine foods, we well vitamin enriched brine shrimp and live copepods

we stock a range of TMC  aquariums and can advise you every step of the way to achieving your perfect aquarium. 

water testing £1 per test 

general advice and help with marine related aquatics.

everyone is welcome from complete beginners to advanced reef keepers we have something for everyone.   

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