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We stock a range of TMC aquariums such as the reef habitat 50,60 and 90. These are available in a range of cabinet options from lime stone to oak to white and black. 

All tanks come with cabinets and sumps. We offer these as tank, cabinet and sump only options or as a complete marine system with lighting, pumps and skimmer. 

We also stock the all new next wave 60 and 85 all in one aquariums. 

TMC prices: 
TMC reef habitat 60 tank, cabinet and sump £799.99

TMC reef habitat 60 start reefing package: £1,228

this package is designed to get you reefing for a good price and most importantly with good equipment, this includes: 

TMC 60 aquarium, cabinet, sump, heater, JECOD 2500 return pump, TMC reef skim 200 protein skimmer and a reef photon LED reef spec light. 

As a Sussex corals exclusive any new aquarium comes with our reef care program where we will test your aquarium water once a week for four weeks and advise you on any changes needed. We also include 120 litres of pre mixed salt water to get you started worth £30. 

TMC reef habitat 90 tank, cabinet and sump £1,000 

TMC Kreisal

In stock now

10 £159.99 

15 £169.99

TMC next wave 60 now in stock

next wave 60.webp

The all new TMC next wave 60 aquarium kit is now in stock. This high quality kit includes reef spec lighting, skimmer, pump and the ultra clear glass aquarium and filtration. perfect for beginners or as a desk top aquarium. £329.99 

All aquariums purchased from Sussex corals come with a free support program. We will test your water free of charge once a week for four weeks to help you get started. 


The Next Wave 85 PENINSULA is ideal for any room in the house or office. Its small footprint and energy-efficient equipment ensure low power consumption and low running costs. Perfect first marine tank set and ideal for small reef aquascapes.

Included in the set: 

• Tank  38 x 56 x 40cm 

• Reef Ion 30 - LED light 

• Reef Pump 500 - Fixed Flow DC pump 

• Filtration Media Basket

• 2 Interchangeable outlet nozzles

• Pipework and fittings  Also included a FREE Unique integrated air driven PROTEIN SKIMMER for quiet operation.

To complete the set up just add an air pump & heater. 

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