We stock a range of TMC aquariums such as the reef habitat 50,60 and 90. These are available in a range of cabinet options from lime stone to oak to white and black. 

All tanks come with cabinets and sumps. We offer these as tank, cabinet and sump only options or as a complete marine system with lighting, pumps and skimmer. We are also offering an exclusive bonus livestock voucher for any of our aquarium package deals. 

We have these aquariums in store for same day collection. Buy in person from a friendly and experienced store without the risk of breakages on delivery when buying from an online store.

please note all aquariums are collection only we do not deliver these items. 

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TMC reef habitat 50 options: 

Aquarium, cabinet, door covers and sump only: £629


mixed reef combo package includes: TMC reef photon light unit, pump, V2 skim 120 protein skimmer as well as the full aquarium and cabinet: £1,030 this kit includes a £15 live stock credit note. 

Kessil lighting option: includes all of the above and a Kessil a360x light unit: £1341.50 this kit includes a £30 livestock credit note.

All aquariums come with Sussex corals customer support program. This includes the option to bring in a water sample each week for four weeks and we will fully test it for you and provide feed back and advice on how your tanks cycling process is going. 

TMC 60: 

TMC reef habitat 60 with cabinet, sump, skimmer, standard pump and one reef photon light unit £1,150

Includes cabinet door covers at cost price

Includes £30 livestock voucher

tank, sump and reef pump deal £718 includes cabinet and door covers.

TMC 90:

TMC reef habitat 90 with cabinet, sump, smart pump, two reef photo lights and skimmer £1482

Includes cabinet door covers at cost price. Can be made slightly cheaper by ordering standard pump over the smart connect one.

Includes £45 livestock voucher

tank, sump and tmc next gen reef pump deal £989 includes cabinet and door covers. 

All aquariums are collection only, we do not offer delivery on these delicate items. If you require any more information please contact the store and we will be happy to help. 

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