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Buying live stock 

All our fish systems are run independently meaning there is less chance of disease spreading. 

We monitor all new fish arrivals for signs of disease, feeding and aggression for a week before they are sold.

We never sell a fish that is not eating or is not in good condition. 

We have a 48 hour livestock guarantee (please see terms and conditions) 

We provide friendly, honest advice on livestock. 

We give realistic expectations and advice on all livestock, we keep our systems to a very high standard but do always recommend quarantining new fish and dipping all new corals as we are not responsible for any diseases or pests introduced to your aquarium as it is nearly impossible to guarantee everything is 100% disease and pest free, stress from transportation, internal parasites and many other factors can all cause a at the time healthy looking fish to break out in diseases or get run down.  

We use a worming medication on all fish species that are prone to having internal parasites to give your fish the best chance possible of being healthy and monitor all new stock for signs of worms or internal issues. 

we provide great after care on all purchases and will always do our best to help solve any issues or questions regarding your new purchase. 


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