Marine fish for sale: 

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All marine fish must be collected in store we do not send them out via courier 
We quarantine all new arrivals and treat them with disease preventative treatment where applicable. All our stock is regularly fed multi vitamins with their feeds to provide you with healthy fish. 

please phone to check availability of stock if driving a long distance. 

Current fish stock 15/6/22

Chromis £12 each 

Corris Wrasse £70 

XL fairy wrasse £70 

lrg regal tang £90 

African clown fish £50 

Marine Betta £90 

Rock beauty £50 

Vampire tang  

common clown fish (ocellaris) £9 

gold streak blenny £30 

silver belly wrasse £28 

bicolour blenny £24 

flame angel £45 

jade wrasse £30 

Midas blenny £30 

neon goby gold £35.25 

peacock wrasse £42 

pair of black and white clown fish £100 for the pair