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Marine fish for sale: 

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All marine fish must be collected in store we do not send them out via courier 
We quarantine all new arrivals and treat them with disease preventative treatment where applicable. All our stock is regularly fed multi vitamins with their feeds to provide you with healthy fish. 

please phone to check availability of stock if driving a long distance. 

Current fish stock 15/09/23
Chromis £12 each  
Corris Wrasse £70 
lrg regal tang £90      
XL vampire tang £90 
spanish hog fish £50 
nano goby red spotted £32.55  
forktail basslet yellow £69.75 
TB common clowns £23 

Koi dwarf parrot wrasse £78

TB midnight clown fish £85 each.

Phantom Blenny £37.50

Fire fish WI £34

bi colure blenny £28

cardinal gold line £35.60

TB golden neon goby £40  

TB emperor cardinals £30

Midas Blenny £37

Silver belly wrasse £41

Purple fire fish £52.70

silver spot tang £62

swallowtail angelfish £95

sailfin tang £42.60 

red mandarin £65  

Pink face wrasse £102

sea fighter dwarf parrot £41

eight line flasher wrasse £82

sail fin blenny Caribbean 47.27 

snake pipefish £33 each or 3 for £90 

Royal Gramma £32.55 

aiptasia eating file fish £27 

Red spot flymo blenny £40.30 

TB orchid dotty back £56.57

Dot dash blenny £36.40

Pyjama wrasse P.Atenia £44

'naked' Ocellaris clown fish TB £110

Blue cheek goby £28

Court jester goby £40.30 SOLD

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